Add prediQto as an App

Add as an app on your mobile homescreen for full App experience !

prediQto is a 'Progressive Web App'

You can install this as an App on your phone screen, we are fully SSL complaint App that uses PWA guidelines.

Iphone : On your IOS device, open in safari .Tap the 'Share' button at bottom bar of safari browser, scroll down and tap 'Add to Home Screen + ' .

Android device : On your Android device, open in Chrome .Tap Settings (Top right corner) on Chrome, Slide down and tap “Add to Home Screen.”

The prediQto PWA app will show up on your home screen just like a native app. Enjoy the full screen native experience of an app!

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are hybrid web pages which can be downloaded to your device just like a native APP and are designed to provide the native APP user experiences.